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TDWI: Why the Data-Driven Marketer Needs a Cloud Data Warehouse

December 18, 2018

Marketing uses a lot of data, and “data-driven” marketing is rapidly becoming commonplace.

Effectively collecting, preparing, and analyzing a growing pool of information sources can lead to measurable benefits, including using predictive models for intent-driven marketing, omnichannel targeting, and sales acceleration. However, the benefits of a data-driven marketing strategy aren’t simple to reach.

Supporting the marketing function requires attention to a number of technical challenges. Addressing these challenges requires a platform that can adapt to the rapidly evolving universe of marketing tools, services, and data sources. Because many of these services are hosted in the cloud, the logical first approach would be to consider a cloud data warehouse.

This TDWI Insight Accelerator focuses on the benefits, challenges, and recommendations for adopting a cloud data warehouse to enable data-driven marketing.

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