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TDWI Checklist Report: 5 Best Practices for Data Governance on Cloud Data Platforms

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Data is becoming increasingly complex as organizations build out their analytics capabilities and become more competitive. Often organizations are dealing with new data types and moving to multiple platforms to support this data.

One approach gaining popularity is to utilize a cloud data platform—an integrated platform available on the public cloud to house diverse data and provide services such as a data warehouse, data lake, analytics, or data science. The cloud data platform is a single entity that supports multiple workloads and data types. It provides one place to store and access data for analytics and other use cases.

Data governance is an important issue as organizations extend their data infrastructure to the cloud. Core principles—including compliance, control, and protection—remain the same in cloud data platforms but will need to be extended.

This report examines five organizational and technology best practices for governing data specifically in a cloud data platform