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Dresner Advisory Services: 2020 Analytical Data Infrastructure Market Study

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For the third year in a row, Snowflake has received a perfect recommendation score from its customers in the Dresner Analytical Data Infrastructure (ADI) report. Snowflake is also the overall leader in the Customer Experience Model and the Vendor Credibility Model.

The ADI study is based on a detailed survey completed by customers from each competing vendor. The customer responses formed the basis for how each vendor ranked a specific data warehouse across the two models.

The first is the Customer Experience Model. Within the survey, customers report their experience with the sales and service staff of their data warehouse vendor, along with their experience with their vendor’s technology. Snowflake had the best combined score across both of these attributes.

The Vendor Credibility Model illustrates the overall perception of the value customers receives from a product along with their confidence in their chosen data warehouse vendor. Vendors that rated highly on the vertical axis of this quadrant are perceived as highly trustworthy, while a placement to the right shows significant value being driven by the product within the customer organization. Snowflake also has the best-combined score within the Vendor Credibility.