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Data's Evolution in the Cloud: The UK Steers Toward Data-Driven Insight

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With an economy dependent on services, travel, and tourism, the UK was one of the countries
hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. It was also a leader in using
data to share information quickly and efficiently, resulting in a renewed focus by government
and business to unlock the value of its data as a key to future growth.

But where do UK organizations stand when it comes to achieving data-driven insights? To
determine this, researchers from The Economist surveyed executives from eight industries to
learn about their attitudes, progress, and aspirations with regard to leveraging data.

Download The UK Steers Toward Data-Driven Insight to:

  • Benchmark your own data practices and priorities against those of other UK organizations
  • Learn what respondents said was their top challenge to drawing insights from data
  • Discover the top two priorities that UK respondents felt were most critical for their organization’s success

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