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Data's Evolution in the Cloud: Japan Is in Position to Do More with Its Data

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Whether in the context of managing the spread of COVID-19 or enabling startups to compete among established enterprises, data capabilities remain a key enabler for success. While Japan has an impressive data infrastructure and conducive policies, generating data has not yet led to actualizing its full potential for Japanese businesses.

The state of the current and future data landscape in Japan is the subject of this brief. Researchers from The Economist surveyed Japanese executives to learn about their attitudes and aspirations for leveraging data. 

Download Japan Is in Position to Do More with Its Data to:

  • Benchmark your own data practices and priorities against those of Japanese organizations
  • See the top challenges business leaders cite that inhibit their ability to collect and draw insights from data
  • Understand Japan’s leadership role in AI technologies and how Japanese businesses are already seeing data benefits from AI

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