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Data’s Evolution in the Cloud: The Lynchpin of Competitive Advantage

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Data has been compared to oil, sunlight, air, or water. While none of these analogies is a perfect fit, they do underscore data’s potential as a driver of innovation and business value. 

Sponsored by Snowflake, The Economist conducted a global survey to answer critical questions around leveraging and sharing data both internally and externally. Executives from eight industries across 13 countries shared their current state of corporate data use, as well as hopes for the future.

Download the global executive summary report to learn how different industries in different regions are adapting their data strategies, engaging with the broader data ecosystem, and converting data insights into business value.

The study includes:

  • Insights on data evolution gathered from around the world and across industries
  • The data challenges and opportunities facing organizations today
  • How data is the lynchpin of competitive advantage in the coming years

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