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Data’s Evolution in the Cloud: Germany’s Regulatory Environment Hampers Data Insight

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Although Germany is a world leader in technology and engineering, it lags other advanced economies in its degree of digital transformation. Further, its comprehensive data-privacy regulations have affected organizations’ abilities to extract value from the data they are allowed to collect.

Given these factors, where do German organizations stand when it comes to collecting data
and extracting insight from it? To determine this, researchers from The Economist surveyed executives from eight industries to learn about their attitudes, progress, and aspirations with regard to leveraging data.

Download Germany’s Regulatory Environment Hampers Data Insight to:

  • Benchmark your own data practices and priorities against those of other German organizations
  • Learn what respondents said was the top challenge to their ability to collect and draw. minsights from data
  • Learn how German respondents rated their organizations’ ability to utilize data compared with industry peers

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