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Putting Data in Your Shopping Cart with Dustin Pearce, Vice President of Infrastructure at Instacart

This episode features an interview with Dustin Pearce, Vice President of Infrastructure at Instacart. Dustin was previously the Director of Service Engineering at Slack, as well as the Head of Platform for Life360.In this episode, Dustin talks about the advances online shopping has made during the pandemic, where startups should place their priorities, the future of infrastructure, and much more. This podcast is sponsored by Snowflake, the Data Cloud company.Data has transformed business forever, and now you can read the inside story of the company making it happen in “Rise of the Data Cloud,” by Snowflake CEO Frank Slootman.This is the definitive book on how businesses can connect, collaborate, and thrive with data.“Rise of the Data Cloud” is the perfect holiday gift for anyone interested in the future of data and business. It’s on sale now at