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Novartis Integrates Research, Drug Development and Commercial Functions with Snowflake

"We are building an ecosystem that helps our entire enterprise from research, full development, manufacturing and commercial to be able to access the millions of data sets that we own, we purchase or we exchange with our partners and providers in order to build digital products." - Loïc Giraud, Novartis’ Global Head of Digital Platform & Product Delivery shares how Novartis is leveraging Snowflake as a single integrated platform for all business processes.

Watch >2min. clip from the Healthcare & Life Sciences Industry Session at Snowflake Summit '22. Check out the full session here.

As Snowflake's newest Industry Data Cloud, the Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Cloud was launched in Spring 2022. Discover why leading providers, payers, and life sciences companies are leveraging Snowflake for different use cases – from building patient 360-degree views to optimizing population health management and product commercialization.