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Fall Montana Data Summit

Join us for the fall 2022 Montana Data Summit! Continuing the momentum from our last successful meet-up, State Chief Data Officer Adam Carpenter will kick off with the latest and greatest current events and then share the vision for data governance. Snowflake and Alation will demonstrate how governance can be applied within their platforms. Google will present how its platform can be used to refine document processing and storage for cases where paper is still a fact of life. Your peers in the Department of Commerce and the Department of Labor and Industry will showcase dashboarding and reports powered with Snowflake data.

Our event is for all levels of technical skills: The first part of the day will focus on high-level overviews and concepts; the second will have a variety of breakouts depending on your interests. Please reach out to Adam Carpenter ( or Sarah Bartow ( with any questions!

Event Agenda 

  • CDO Office Current Events
  • Snowflake Success Sharing
  • Data Governance Vision
  • Digitization Opportunities
  • Interactive Breakout Sessions
  • Next Steps for Engagement