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5 Best Practices for Bringing Together All Your Marketing Data

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For marketers, data is critical to initiatives such as personalization campaigns that increase customer lifetime value, multitouch attribution models that reveal how much each customer touchpoint contributes to a purchase or conversion, and machine-learning algorithms that enhance customer experiences. But if marketing organizations fail to unify their customer data as a starting point, they would fail to achieve these goals at scale.

This ebook describes five best practices to help unify marketing data and make it actionable for high-priority marketing programs. You will learn how to:

  • Implement a holistic data strategy instead of addressing one issue at a time
  • Identify which data sources are essential and set up optimal methods for integration
  • Store the data in a platform that can support all analytics and customer engagement needs
  • Ensure that marketing data is accessible to non-technical users across the company instead of limiting access to data scientists and analysts
  • Determine which data-driven initiatives are most important and ensure the organization is aligned on them