How DoubleDown delivers fast and scalable analytics using Amazon S3 and Snowflake

June 8, 2015
Join AWS, Snowflake and DoubleDown Interactive during our presentation as we discuss ingesting and processing any scale of data (structured and semi-structured) in the cloud. Featured Use Case: DoubleDown Interactive, a provider of online free-to-play casino games, needs to process huge amounts of streaming event data from their games and make that data rapidly available to data scientists and analysts. Hear how Amazon S3 and Snowflake’s Elastic Data Warehouse have made it possible for DoubleDown to deploy a reliable, scalable data architecture for their analytics needs. You’ll learn how Amazon S3 and Snowflake technology help address key challenges in building data pipelines and processing data and how DoubleDown combines Amazon Kinesis, S3, and Snowflake to ingest, store, and process their data faster, more easily, and less expensively.
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