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See Freddie Mac’s Data Modernization Journey for Analytics and Machine Learning At Summit 2022

On Wed - Jun 15, 2022 Join us at Summit!
Freddie Mac business units need a robust, cloud enabled data platform that will support a diverse set of Analytics, Reporting, Data Science use-cases combined with operational efficiencies such as data sharing, optimized data storage, and costs. After testing roughly 100 different use-cases on Vertica, Redshift, and Snowflake, Freddie Mac made the ultimate decision to go with Snowflake. This decision has delivered 20% faster capabilities and enabled increased customer satisfaction, better decision modeling, and more streamlined architecture. 

Learn from our journey and how data modernization, data democratization, and bringing 20+ years of historical data sets and adding that data into models to enrich data analytics in Snowflake has created an efficient and simplified ecosystem. See how that fulfills our mission and makes our data science and data engineering teams say, “I’m more confident I’ll hit deadlines and Snowflake increases my overall speed."






Fannie Mae, we'd love for you to come to Summit & to attend this session led by Freddie Mac Single Family exec's on how Snowflake is helping them fulfill their mission. Please reach out to your local snowflake representative for more information.

Snowflake's Summit 2022 will be held from June 13th-16th.

Here is your personal invitation link to Summit