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Snowflake Advanced Certifications: Level Up to SnowPro Advanced and Show Off Your Snowflake Expertise

Did you know that Snowflake has three new advanced role-based certifications to help you stand out in the data community as a Snowflake expert? The Snowflake Advanced Certification Series offers role-based certifications designed for Snowflake practitioners who have at least two years of Snowflake experience. 

When you successfully pass an exam, you will receive a digital credential validating your Snowflake skills in the role, in addition to extending the expiration of your existing SnowPro Core Certification. 

If you are a seasoned data engineer, architect, or data scientist working with Snowflake, check out our new SnowPro Advanced Certification Series. 

Why take a Snowflake Certification?

There are thousands of job postings in the U.S. with a preference and/or requirement for candidates who know Snowflake. 

Upon completion of the certification exam, candidates are surveyed. Results show  65% of candidates sought to become SnowPro Certified because they are looking to expand their skill set, knowledge, and career opportunities. The remaining 35% sought to become SnowPro Certified for a job promotion, higher compensation, or to fulfill a job requirement.

In a recent survey conducted by Snowflake and Credly, 96% of Snowflake Certification earners consider their Snowflake credential to be valuable and have experienced a host of positive job-related promotions, salary increases, or new career opportunities. Check out the case study here.

In addition to these work benefits, achieving a SnowPro Advanced Certification extends your SnowPro Core Certification for another two years. Is your SnowPro Core Certification about to expire? Step up and earn an Advanced Certification to extend it! Join the 7,000-plus individuals who have achieved a SnowPro Certification and are actively using their badges to further their career trajectory.

“The Advanced Architect badge is a real differentiator between those who have taken a three-day course and passed the SnowPro Core exam and someone who has years of experience and a deeper technical understanding of the Snowflake platform—and I’m glad Snowflake has recognised this by developing these advanced exams. “

—Simon Peck, Principal Data Architect, Thoughts on the Snowflake Advanced Architect Exam

“The Snowflake Data Cloud is a superior product, and I got certified so that I could better understand many of the intricacies that make Snowflake such a good product and also to be better positioned to reenter the marketplace after obtaining my computer science degree.”

—Joyce Kay Avila, Principal Consultant

Become one of the first individuals in your organization to be SnowPro Advanced Certified.

How to get started:

  1. Earn your SnowPro Core Certification.
  2. Pick your SnowPro Advanced role.
  3. Review the selected role’s Certification Exam Guide for exam details.
  4. Download the selected Certification Study Guide. Work through the guide to identify and review concepts you may need additional support with.
  5. Attend a Snowflake role-based instructor-led training course.
  6. Complete the free hands-on virtual labs.
  7. Register and successfully pass the exam.
  8. Download and share your cool new badge with all your peers and employer.

Ready to prove your skills?

Take advantage of our new exam releases through this limited-time offer. The first 300 people who register and take one of our SnowPro Advanced Certifications on or before November 30 can get 10% off the market price!
To receive the discount, when you register for the exam and are prompted for payment, use code: SnowProLevelUp. The seats are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

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