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Snowpark: Building Better Data Pipelines and Models in the Data Cloud

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Snowpark, a new developer framework of Snowflake, allows data engineers, data scientists, and data developers to code in their familiar way with their language of choice, and execute pipeline, ML workflow and data apps faster and more securely, in a single platform.

The Snowpark API brings deeply integrated, DataFrame–style programming to the languages developers like to use, including Python, Scala, and Java. Snowpark UDFs help you expand more data use cases easily and run inside of Snowflake, including Java UDFs, JavaScript UDFs, external functions, and Python UDFs. Snowpark is designed to make building complex data pipelines much easier and to allow developers to interact with Snowflake directly without having to move data.

In this ebook, we outline several use cases for Snowpark and show you how Snowflake partners have implemented them, including:

  • Using machine learning to augment data by hosting trained models in Java
  • Scanning for anomalies in your data
  • Developing a routine to identify PII
  • Deploying shared Java libraries to standardize your business logic

What can you build with Snowpark? Download our ebook to get started.