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7 Snowflake Reference Architectures for Application Builders

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Data applications developers need a data stack architecture with built-in scalability and connectivity. A cloud data platform delivers the performance and nearly infinite autoscaling needed to launch and scale applications quickly and cost-effectively. The Snowflake Cloud Data Platform provides high-performance and unlimited concurrency, scalability with true elasticity, SQL for structured and semi-structured data, and automatic provisioning, availability, tuning, and data protection that takes the operational burden off SRE/ DevOps teams. Most importantly, Snowflake ensures seamless connections to third-party platforms and APIs, easily fitting in with existing environments.

This ebook provides detailed reference architectures for seven use cases and design patterns, including: 

  • Serverless Data Stack
  • Streaming Data Stack 
  • Machine Learning and Data Science
  • Application Health and Security Analytics
  • IoT
  • Customer 360
  • Embedded Analytics