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3 Data Trends Transforming Advertising, Media, and Entertainment

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Data is the lifeblood of the advertising, media, and entertainment market. Changing media consumption habits, as well as new technological innovations, are generating more data than ever before on consumer behaviors.

However, data is spread across media firms, advertising agencies, entertainment companies, and other data providers. Businesses are reluctant to share data due to increasing concerns and regulations for consumer privacy. Organizations also lack the infrastructure for new technologies that will help them better utilize data. As a result, media companies and publishers are unable to maximize advertising revenue, and organizations are unable to optimize their marketing spend and track attribution.

With Snowflake’s Data Cloud, organizations are implementing a modern data infrastructure to overcome fragmented data and sharing data across organizations seamlessly and securely. Media companies are able to get a holistic view of their audiences, improve content and customer experiences, and increase advertising revenue by providing precise data for targeting by advertisers. Advertisers and media companies are able to tie advertising spend to orders and revenue and more accurately predict the return on ad spend across various channels.

Read on to learn about the three data trends transforming advertising, media, and entertainment and how organizations can prepare for and leverage these trends to attract consumers and enable better customer experiences.