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Master Class: Using DataOps as a Declarative Engine for Snowflake

When you look at how technology areas such as infrastructure as code and networking have progressed over the last 10 years, you can see they have all followed an inexorable march from an imperative approach to a declarative approach, but this has taken some time to mature. However, the data industry has never been ready, nor has it had the right fundamental capabilities in its platforms, for a declarative approach to building data platforms—not until Snowflake and

Join this technical master class to see how Snowflake and combine to enable a fully declarative approach to building and rebuilding your Snowflake data platform and associated data pipelines.

This master class will showcase:

  • Compilation from YAML files​
  • Automatic dependency resolution​
  • Automated management of state
  • Support for and adoption of objects already inside Snowflake
  • Permissions revocation as well as the granting of permissions