Within Reach: The End of Your Struggle for Data

July 31, 2017

BI vs. IT: Why do they struggle over data?

Why the legacy data warehouse hinders BI:

  • Access to limited data sources
  • No single version of the truth
  • System unable to scale
  • Limited support from IT

Why IT struggles with the legacy data warehouse:

  • Difficult to load today’s volume, velocity and variety of data
  • Hard to unify a multitude of disparate data silos
  • Finite and tightly coupled compute and storage
  • Difficult system admin and management

End Your Data Struggle Now!

  • Streamline your data loading to incorporate all your data sources.
  • Integrate all your data for a single source of truth.
  • Scale easily and infinitely for all your BI and data analytics users.
  • Experience a zero maintenance data warehouse built for the cloud.
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