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Snowflake Summit Recap Lunch

Snowflake’s largest user conference to date, Summit, took place on June 13-16 in Las Vegas. It featured exciting new product announcements, informative executive keynotes, customer sessions, technical demos, hands-on labs, and an exposition floor where thousands of Snowflake’s partners, customers, and industry peers gathered to network, collaborate, and obtain essential knowledge about Snowflake and emerging trends in data and analytics.

Weren’t able to make it to Vegas? Don’t worry, the fun doesn’t end there! We are bringing the power of Summit back to Florida. Join us on July 26th as we recap the exciting product announcements over lunch at Cantina Loredo.

Announcement topics include:

  • Unistore: Snowflake’s new transactional workload
  • Streamlit Integration: Understand how to build data apps with ease
  • Iceberg & Storage: Learn how to connect to Iceberg and onprem storage sources

See you there!

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