Snowflake For Data Engineering - Easily Ingest, Transform, And Deliver Data For Up-To-The-Moment Insight

January 29, 2021

Efficient data pipelines can be the difference between an architecture that delivers real value to the business or one that becomes a burden. Data engineers must collect, transform, and deliver data to different lines of business while keeping up with the latest technology innovations to stay ahead of business demands. However, traditional legacy architectures create challenges every step of the way. 
In this white paper, you’ll learn how Snowflake maximizes data engineering processes by:

  • Handling both structured and semi-structured data types easily

  • Ingesting data in bulk or near real-time 

  • Allowing you to process your data directly in Snowflake, using its powerful, best-of-breed transformation engine 

  • Simplifying data pipelines and architecture by leveraging SQL and extensibility features (such as functions and stored procedures)


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Test-Driving Snowflake for Data Engineering
Test-Driving Snowflake for Data Engineering