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Webinar: Unlock your SAP Data on the Snowflake Data Warehouse with Attunity and InterWorks

The world’s largest enterprises run their infrastructure on Oracle, DB2, SQL and their critical business operations on SAP applications. Organisations need this data to be available in real-time to conduct necessary analytics. However, delivering this heterogeneous data at the speed it’s required can be a huge challenge; due to the complex underlying data models, structures and legacy manual processes which are prone to errors and delays.

Learn how Attunity can unlock these silos of data and enable the new advanced analytics on the Snowflake Data Warehouse platform.

Join Attunity’s Ted Orme, Snowflake’s Graham Mossman and Interworks Kevin Pemberton where you will find out:

  • How to extract value out of live SAP data on Snowflake
  • Why Snowflake is the perfect platform to run analytics on the cloud
  • The common challenges faced by enterprises trying to access their SAP data
  • How Interworks can help you achieve your goals with Tableau and Snowflake
  • How Attunity Replicate for SAP is enabling organisations to unlock valuable SAP data to provide rich real-time insights

See a live demo to learn how to build an end-to-end flow using Attunity, Snowflake and Tableau to show true business value from SAP data.