Webinar: Data-Driven: Driving Business Insights at Aston Martin Red Bull Racing

October 1, 2019

Formula One is at the pinnacle of motorsport and in this webinar, our Innovation Partner, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, will bring to life the partnership Snowflake have with the team. Attend this webinar to hear how the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing team has used Snowflake to drive their datacentre health analytics to a new level of detail.

With the move to more virtual simulation in motorsport and the growth of business applications, the datacentre has become a critical core infrastructure to Aston Martin Red Bull Racing. Visibility of resource use with the datacentre is important, as optimising compute use across the factory ensures that expenditure is channeled into areas which affect car performance the most. Snowflake is the key to understanding energy, temperature and trends within the datacentre and reducing costs by deeper understanding and better management of the resources they have.

You’ll learn:

  • How Snowflake brings value to the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Innovation Partnership
  • How you can quickly implement cloud analytics with Snowflake
  • The secret to understanding detailed data

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