How Snowflake's Cloud Architecture Scales Modern Data Analytics

September 24, 2019

Companies are moving workloads to the cloud as they seek to improve speed, scale, and agility. Today’s data warehouse managers want to boost analytics productivity, increase the ability to scale instantly, and ingest and support a diverse set of data without bottleneck delays.


In this white paper, we explain how Snowflake delivers the speed, scale, and agility organizations need for data-driven decision-making. We provide technical insight into:


- The various data warehouse architectures available today

- The system setup, examples, and challenges typical for each architecture

- How Snowflake’s multi-cluster shared data (MCSD) architecture design provides fast analytics performance with unmatched scale and agility in the cloud.

To learn more, download our white paper, How Snowflake’s Cloud Architecture Scales Modern Data Analytics.

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