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What Is a Global Data Clean Room and When Do You Need One?

Chief Data and Information Officers are on a tightrope. They must balance their organization’s desire for data collaboration without compromising the security of the data. With increasing data privacy and regulations, data clean rooms have emerged as the magic wand to solve all data collaboration challenges—but there remains a great deal of mystery on this topic. When do you need a data clean room? What is it? How is it different from securely sharing data? Join Snowflake Product Marketing Director Travis Kaufman and Fetch Rewards Technical Program Manager Nick Lacanski as they demystify what a Global Data Clean Room is and when best to deploy one for your organization.

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What a Global Data Clean Room is and how to know when you need one How data clean rooms are different from secure data sharing Why Snowflake customer Fetch Rewards has created a Global Data Clean Room on Snowflake

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