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Top 6 Data Science & Analytics Trends for 2021

How the Data Cloud accelerates machine learning
Data science has evolved dramatically over the last 10 years. However, very few organizations have experienced the full business impact or competitive advantage from their advanced analytics,  despite significant investments in data science and machine learning (ML). 
In 2021, six trends have the potential to accelerate ML and move organizations from
descriptive and diagnostic analytics (explaining what happened and why) towards predictive and prescriptive analytics that forecast what will happen and also provide powerful pointers on how to change the future.
In this ebook, you will learn how:

  • Easy-to-use MLtools and consolidated data platforms empower data analysts and bridge the gap between analytics and ML.

  • Snowflake’s DataCloud can expand data access and data sharing through a secure ecosystem with access to ready-to-use third-party data.

  • Data engineering tools remove the burden of data prep for Data Scientists and more.