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Snowflake’s Financial Services Data Summit: Now Available on Demand


Did you miss Snowflake’s Financial Services Data Summit, or are you interested in rewatching or sharing a session? Happy news: All sessions are now available to watch on demand.

Financial services is in the midst of an analytical renaissance born out of the need for  data access. Virtually every organization is now looking to capitalize on data generated by their business and partner ecosystem, and harness it to power predictive analytics and generate new revenue streams. At the same time, the financial services industry has unique security and regulatory compliance requirements. To meet all of these needs, Snowflake recently announced the launch of the Financial Services Data Cloud

At the Financial Services Data Summit, Snowflake’s customers and partners discuss and demonstrate how Snowflake’s Data Cloud enables financial services organizations to take their data to the next level. Snowflake’s leaders also announced a number of new capabilities and features of the ​​Financial Services Data Cloud. 

Here are some highlights from the summit you can watch anytime:

Executive Panel with Western Union and NYSE

Snowflake’s Chairman and CEO Frank Slootman discusses the opportunities the Data Cloud is unlocking with executives from Western Union and the New York Stock Exchange. Topics include breaking down operational silos, mitigating risk, improving customer experience, doing dynamic pricing, and opening new streams of revenue. 

Snowflake Customer Q&A with BlackRock

BlackRock’s Global Head of the Aladdin Business answers questions live about BlackRock’s managed data-as-a-service solution, powered by Snowflake’s data platform.

Building a Connected Data Ecosystem for Accelerated Time to Insight with State Street Alpha Data Platform

Leaders from State Street and Invesco discuss how they are leveraging Snowflake’s Data Cloud to enable business outcomes and gather business insights. The State Street Alpha Data Platform (ADP), powered by Snowflake, provides investment firms and asset owners with a unified and actionable view of their internally generated data, enriched with data from the Snowflake Data Marketplace. 

The Financial Services Data Cloud, Revealed

This session explores how Snowflake’s Data Cloud is revolutionizing financial services by helping companies including Square and Refinitiv to monetize their data, build new applications, and deliver their products and services more efficiently.

Leverage the Insurance Third-Party Data Exchange

Executives from Cognizant discuss how Cognizant’s third-party data exchange for insurance enables underwriters to leverage third-party data sets for risk evaluation. Learn how to enable seamless data sharing across your organization by accelerating the integration of third-party data sets from Equifax with insurer’s data and data sets available on Snowflake Data Marketplace. 

Building Scalable, Data-Driven Engagement for Financial Services Companies

Executives from Deloitte discuss the changing ways in which Deloitte is helping companies interact with and target customers in today’s complex business landscape. 

Driving Operational Efficiencies and Innovation with S&P Global Data and Snowflake

Leaders from S&P Global Market Intelligence and Blackstone discuss how top financial services companies are approaching data management, data consumption, and AI. Blackstone’s migration to Snowflake has helped to minimize data silos, cut costs, and improve operational efficiencies. Gaining access to leading S&P Global data, such as Compustat®, Capital IQ Fundamentals, and Capital IQ Estimates via Snowflake Data Marketplace, enables Blackstone to drive innovation across its entire organization.

Speeding Data Cloud Adoption and Business Transformation at Blackstone

Leaders from Blackstone and Alation discuss how Blackstone is using Alation and Snowflake to transform its business processes, why data governance is essential for moving critical data workloads to the Data Cloud, and how you can speed the adoption of the Data Cloud and improve compliance with data governance using the Alation Data Catalog.

Get in the Flow of Actionable Data

The CTO of Fiserv discusses how the Fiserv data cloud solution, powered by Snowflake, creates actionable data flows and access points to aggregate, contextualize, and keep data moving, enabling real-time, enterprisewide business decisions.

Financial Services Deep Dive with Acxiom Data Experts

Executives from Acxiom discuss how Acxiom and Snowflake are expanding an innovative partnership to help financial services customers get the most value from third-party data. 

Making Financial Data More Accessible in the Cloud

Leaders from AWS discuss how they are innovating with Snowflake to make it easier for financial customers to share, manage, and analyze financial content in the cloud.

The Transformative Power of Snowflake for Financial Regulatory Reporting and ESG Investment Management

Leaders from Ernst & Young demonstrate two innovative solutions to address financial regulatory reporting and measure corporate sustainability. These solutions harness Snowflake to acquire, manage, and share the data on which these services depend. By making these sector-driven assets powered by Snowflake, industry participants can gain higher value faster from their adoption. 

Accelerating Scale and Distribution with the FactSet-Snowflake Partnership

Leaders from FactSet and Entelligent discuss how their integration with Snowflake allows clients to cut out ETL associated with onboarding new data, and how Entelligent has been able to rapidly iterate on new products and scale its business with Snowflake.

Becoming an Intelligent Organization Through Data Science

Leaders from Daitaku discuss how infusing AI and machine learning into the day-to-day of your financial services organization can significantly drive business value.

And don’t miss Snowflake-led sessions on how companies can drive platform monetization, manage risk and data governance, and deliver personalized experiences with customer 360-degree views with the Data Cloud.  

To access all of the sessions from the summit, visit our on-demand recordings. Plus: Don’t forget to join Snowflake Build 2021, October 4–5, to learn how to build modern financial applications powered by Snowflake Data Cloud. You can also register for our October 21 webinar, Data Sharing for Financial Services: Deliver Data Faster Without ETL.

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